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Racking Systems Inspection

Health & safety regulations are constantly placing more emphasis and responsibility on companies and management to ensure the safety of employees and to carry out self assessments on the risks in the workplace.

The condition of storage equipment such as racking systems is often overlooked when safety in the workplace is assessed and can therefore deteriorate as a result. This can lead to expensive losses of stock, personal injuries or loss of life.

A periodic inspection of your warehouse racking can ensure that risks are kept to a minimum and that you continue to operate to your full capacity.

We offer a professional inspection service carried out by qualified engineers who have a wealth of experience with the storage industry.

After the initial survey we will issue a full report identifying any damaged components which should be read in-conjunction with a layout we will produce referencing each individual racking component.

Included in the report will be a no obligation quote for replacing materials and carrying out associated repair work.

Guidance is taken from the following documents:

- SEMA Guidelines
- Provision & Use Of Work Equipment Regulations (1998)
- Health & Safety At Work Act (1974)
- The Management Of Health & Safety At Work Act (1999)

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