Every day’s a school day.

Greenhead College of Huddersfield is widely acknowledged to be an outstanding provider of education with a history of excellence.

PRO-DEK buddied up with the leading college in West Yorkshire to create a mezzanine floor fit for their syllabus. With a growing student population, it was important that a mezzanine floor was designed to create a safe and social environment within the buzzing main hall.

Covering an area of 78m2, a finished floor level of 2,750mm with handrail and two sets of straight flight staircases, the mezzanine maintained the social space below whilst creating further seating up above. The space available to PRO-DEK was limited so it was important that the mezzanine was in keeping with the existing layout of the free-period hall without over-powering space.

The floor offers 1-hour fire protection to the underside of the mezzanine floor, 14 fire rated LED panels and 5 LED emergency bulkheads switched manually from one position. A vinyl flooring was added to create a glossy finish to the installation, to support the regular footfall on the accommodation area. The installation lasted for five working days within a term-time holiday period.

The space is now fully utilised by students to use as an ad-hoc for the canteen, a team building space or quite simply a social area for winding down in between lessons.

Greenhead College, Huddersfield